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So What's with the Company Name?


It all began back in 1995 when founder, Douglas Martin, was driving down a road and saw a turtle crossing the road. He quickly found a place to park the car and jumped out. The other people in the car had no idea what was going on as Doug ran from the car down the road he was just driving on.


Doug sprinted down the road as fast as someone in a pair of sandals could. He was about two feet away from the turtle when all of a sudden, a beat-up old 1980 something boat of a car was heading straight for the poor little turtle slowly crossing the road.


Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending for the turtle but the legend of "Fred" lives on through Turtleboy Productions. Doug will always remember that fateful day when he tried to save a slowly moving turtle from his impending destiny.

Who is Turtleboy Productions?


Who Are We?Turtleboy Productions was founded in 2005 by experienced marketing professional Douglas Martin. Turtleboy Productions, located in Forty Fort, PA, is a full-service agency, offering creative marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The Turtleboy mission will always be to develop profitable, unique strategies that deliver tangible results. You might then ask yourself how do we accomplish that mission? Well, at Turtleboy Productions we believe in measuring all of our results so you know which channel is producing results and which channel is wasting your money.


We bring a consultative approach that comes from a thorough understanding of a client’s business and its marketing objectives. From strategy through execution and analysis, our skilled experts deliver measureable results achieved through experience, dedication and accountability.


Our creative professionals have enjoyed many successes regionally and nationally. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our process and, thanks to the experiences we’ve encountered, we know the strategies to best serve our clients.


Our services at a glance.

  • Branding - Identity, Stationary Packages
  • Print Design - Collateral, Direct Mail, Product Packaging, Outdoor
  • Digital Design - Web Design, Web Development, Landing Pages, Email Marketing


Turtleboy Productions' goal is to generate partnerships that develop and build brands with superior client service. Any campaign we create must help you add value to your brand while achieving your business goals getting you to the next level of your marketing goals.


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